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How to Choose the Right Fit Sunglasses

Feb 23,2023 | Vkoofashion

The Right Fit Sunglasses are an important accessory for any season. Not only do they add style to your look, but they also protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape and lifestyle can be a challenge. In this blog post, we'll discuss tips for finding The Right Fit Sunglasses that will help you look stylish and stay protected from the sun.

Choose the right size

  1- Look at the size of the hangtag: the size of sunglasses is designed and produced according to standard specifications, and like eyeglass frames, there is information about the size of sunglasses on the temples or hangtag, you can choose according to this data for reference. For example, 5316 130, means that the frame size is 53mm, the nose bridge size is 16mm and the temple size is 130mm.

2-Reference to the size of previous purchases: when selecting sunglasses, do not know the size, you can refer to the size indicated above, generally, on the Internet, there are graphs, which indicate the number, so you can refer to the above graphs, you can also use a straightedge to measure the glasses that have been fitted, to get the approximate data, or listen to the sound to see the size of the previously purchased sunglasses.

3-Try them on in a physical store to know the exact size: If you don't know the size, the easiest way is to try them on in a physical store, and you will know if the size fits you by the feeling of wearing them. And when you put them on, you can look in the mirror and see if the sunglasses match your face shape in one fell swoop.

What kind of frame is right for your face shape

  1 - Round face: suitable for a slightly thicker frame, lens color cooler, darker color glasses, has tightened the visual effect of the "face, too bright yellow, red lenses or frame lines slim soft sunglasses, will set off the face bigger. You need straight or angular frames to weaken your silhouette, and use dark, subtle colors to reduce the feeling of obesity and make your face look more delicate.

2 - Square face: It is advisable to use sunglasses with a narrow top and bottom and small rounded corners of the frame, too big and too square frames will only make the face look more square, and the color of the lenses should be a stable brown. Contrary to round faces, you need frames with rounded corners and streamlined shapes to complement your unrestrained and extraordinary temperament.

3 - Inverted triangle face: Please try to avoid large, square frames, because this will make your face look wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, use thin, round frames with bright colors. It is suitable to use glasses with bright-colored lenses, thin metal frames or rimless frames to reduce the weight on the top of the face so as not to make the already wide face feel more expansive.

3 - Rectangular face: should choose the upper and lower wider round or curved mirror, and slightly thicker legs to reduce the sense of a long face slender. The slender face is generally bonier, choose feminine pink or wine-red lenses to increase the brightness of the face. The most suitable choice is the large frame sunglasses, which can make up for the small shortcomings of the long face so that the face looks more elegant, the color is also the best dark color.

4 - Small face pang-shaped face: suitable for wearing thin frame or rimless glasses, choose light blue, purple, light coffee and other lens colors, will have an unexpected effect.

5 - Oval face: you are born to be very suitable for Taiwan sunglasses oh. No matter what style is perfect for you, pay attention to the size ratio can be.

How to choose the lens color

  1- The lenses should be smooth and delicate, without blemishes, bubbles or abrasions, and not have uneven and bubbly lenses. When we choose sunglasses, the choice of lenses becomes even more critical. Every detail needs to be carefully observed and it is necessary to see if the surface of the lenses is fine and smooth enough. The overall lens is free of ripples, imperfections, bubbles or even abrasions. These small imperfections can affect the wearing of sunglasses, so yo we need to look squarely at the lenses when choosing sunglasses. Look at the lenses horizontally to see if they are curled or bulging. If the lenses have bumps, bubbles or wear marks, do not choose them.

2- The lenses should be more realistic in color, not distorted, and able to accurately determine the different colors of the signal light. Sunglasses are with colors, and different colors to wear after seeing the surroundings will be different colors. When we choose sunglasses, the color shown by the sunglasses can not be distorted, if the color seen deviates too much from the original color, or even the edges of the object are not clear, it will affect our ability to observe things as a whole. When choosing sunglasses, we must be able to judge the different colors of the signal lights as a principle, otherwise, the color distortion sunglasses will affect our safety. Lens color try to choose black, teal and gray these three colors, can have a good light filtering effect. Currently, there are also color-changing sunglasses on the market this type of product, sunglasses can produce color change because manufacturers in the lens production process added to UV-sensitive light-sensitive materials, the degree of color change by the UV strength and temperature and other environmental factors, the color change effect is not very stable, so if you have high requirements for sun shade, it is recommended to choose conventional sun shades, if the myopic population It is recommended to wear sunshade clip-on.

How to test whether the sunglasses are UV protection

  Method one: look at the label of sunglasses UV-protected sunglasses label or lenses to see obvious signs such as UV protection, UV400; UV index is an important criterion for the effect of UV filtering, at present the vast majority of sunglasses UV index is between 96% and 98%.

Method two: the use of banknotes and money testing pen verification take - a banknote will sunglasses lens on the security watermark, with a money testing pen or money testing machine in the security watermark shine If you can not see the security watermark, that sunglasses are UV protection; if you see the security watermark, that sunglasses are not UV protection.

Consider polarized lenses

  When choosing lenses it is best to choose polarized lenses, the lenses of polarized sunglasses can prevent glare. When buying sunglasses, you can ask the optician for a polarized test piece. In the case of polarized sunglasses, the pattern will change when the sunglasses lens is facing the test piece. In the absence of the test piece, you can slowly rotate the sunglasses 60 degrees to the computer screen and observe whether the lens changes during the rotation, if it is polarized sunglasses, the picture presented will change from bright to dark.


  When choosing sunglasses, you should pay attention to the size, color and quality of the glasses in addition to matching your face shape and glasses. Good luck in finding a sunglass that suits you!