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How to Wear a Wide Scarf with Style

Mar 07,2023 | Vkoofashion

The wide scarf is a timeless piece of clothing that can instantly elevate any outfit. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or going out with friends, a wide scarf is the perfect way to add a touch of style and personality to your look. But it can be intimidating to know how to wear a wide scarf and make sure it looks stylish. In this blog post, we’ll provide a hands-on guide on how to wear a wide scarf with style, no matter what the occasion.

01 Knotting method

  The knot method is no fixed knot method, according to the length of the clothes or thin and thick to their DIY to seemingly random a knot is very imposing, knot method is suitable for thin and thick moderate pashmina or knitted scarf. A good, sharp Y-shaped knot is a very common knotting method, as long as the long scarf is folded in half, the end of the scarf through it can be. This knotting method is simple and sharp, neutralizing the heaviness of the fall and winter months, and is suitable for pairing with sweaters or sweatshirts. The gray or black scarf is most suitable for the elegant and atmospheric knotting method. It can not only be paired with a long jacket to keep warm. It is also a good partner for low-key commuting. All black will not make people feel uninteresting. The style with a simple fringe design at the end of the scarf will be chic and lively. If you want to make the whole look more lovely, you can show a little tassel at the end.

02 Single side scarf method casual elegance

 The single-side scarf method is suitable for thick material scarf style, the side of the long scarf will be thrown to the back of the neck, dashing and casual.

Long coat + single side scarf = excellent CP, single side scarf with a long coat interpretation of the simple beauty, long scarf casually backward a flip, lazy atmosphere of fashionable feeling suddenly, beige, camel scarf most versatile, perfectly adapted to fall and winter coat.

03 Wrap-around method

 It is a very practical way to keep warm, but also to create a sense of design. The loop method will make the neck swell, a slim jacket with a wide long scarf can reduce the sense of expansion, and the silhouette and the woolen jacket are suitable for a light section scarf. The two ends of the scarf are one long and one short design sense is stronger, light and not rigid ~ more creative street photography experts will scarf around the circle to the shoulders after, refreshing and not cumbersome. If you are worried about fat, then you can choose the silk thin section, warm and fashionable but not bloated.

04 Long scarf hanging method

  All black or all white just one long scarf, the sense of hierarchy immediately appeared, hanging on the neck to make you fashionable more than one degree, color models better effect. The mid-length autumn and winter coat + plaid scarf is a fashion choice for girls, plaid scarf with retro high street style. Hanging directly on the neck, handsome and dashing, a domineering atmosphere between the steps." Highly cold" senior camel coat hanging around the neck with a gas field scarf, very suitable for the workplace.

05 A shawl scarf? It's also a dress

 When wearing light, choose a set of large scarf draped over the shoulders, like a good-looking small jacket, the texture of a thicker wool scarf single-sided around half draped over the body, not only improves the value of the face but also improves the warmth factor. Choose a silk wide shawl tail decorated with tassel embellishment, that can let you go with the wind. Some people say that the shawl scarf is the most test of temperament, the problem may be in the choice, a large enough style and soft and light material is easier to phi out the super fashionable shape.

06 Belt with a scarf

  Drape the scarf over your shoulders and tie a delicate belt in the middle of the scarf. Such a method not only fixes the shawl but also makes the ordinary long scarf with it very fashionable. Thin narrow scarves with wide belts, wide scarves with thin belts. Wide and narrow collocation is vivid and interesting.

07 Half phi style wearing method

 It is also very fashionable to wear a scarf in half phi style, draping the scarf over one shoulder in such a fashionable and individual way. If you've been bold enough to choose a half phi scarf, you can try a gaudy-colored model or an exaggerated wide scarf, or wear your style with a delicate belt in the middle of the scarf, it's beautiful!


 The above is all today's sharing, read this article not inspired you more wide scarf fashion wearing tips? Get out your scarf and learn it together!