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How to match your clothes with the perfect bag

Mar 15,2023 | Vkoofashion

Finding the perfect bag to match your outfit can be a challenge, especially if you’re not sure which type of bag to choose. From crossbody bags to backpacks, there are so many different styles of bags available that it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for your look. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to match your clothes with the perfect bag so that you can make a stylish statement wherever you go.

Chain bag pays attention to the length and body proportion

  Because everyone's height is different, the length of the chain bag always can't fit everyone. The reasonable position of the chain bag is slightly above the waist until the range of the crotch, too short or too long will look awkward. Each crossbody bag has a strap, but most of the length is not fixed and can be freely adjusted. So, before you carry it, adjust the length of the strap to the right range, it is best to adjust the bag just to the waist. Shoulder strap bag length just stuck in the crotch will look draggy and expose body-type flaws. And the highest point of the bag parallel to the waistline, the visual center of gravity shifted upward, both casually and highlighting the proportion.

Underarm bag how to crossbody is fashionable

 The characteristics of the underarm bag can be reflected in the name, because of its size and design, very suitable for carrying on one shoulder in the armpit, although it sounds a little "taste", many people at first just listen to the name also feel very wrong, the results on the body effect is high and versatile, have fragrant warning Oh. And the main reason why the underarm bag can be "clamped" under the armpit is the design is small and delicate, not as large as the tote bag's body size. The ordinary satchel method completely obscures the bag's highlight design, 45 ° backward crossbody, revealing the overall style, and instantly enhancing the sense of fashion.

Handbag details crossbody method

 The bag should also be carried with the left hand, the right arm naturally relaxed, with the forearm of the left-hand crossbody bag, palm facing up, fingers relaxed, the bag can be slightly close to the body, with the body to support the weight of the bag, so take will be more elegant than directly with the hand to take the temperament. In large tote bags, many people are used to crossbody from the inside out, the front looks easy method crotch defects, gray dark a direction sideways point crossbody, the overall shape will be sharp.

How to choose a canvas bag

 Cloth bags are mainly of canvas, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics, winter will be with some artificial hair, good quality canvas, and corduroy fabric texture is uniform, and feel fine, relatively speaking, the feel is not very smooth. Style is the main means of performance product style, but also can critically express the customer's willingness to buy, canvas Republic canvas bag style is simple and stylish, with clean and beautiful colors, becoming the first to attract customers to the highlight. Good style is the cornerstone of sales success. The canvas bag size is too large, the version is too collapsed, carry on like a scavenger. If you choose a style that is straight and shapely and normal in size, it is only when you match it that you have a sense of casual chic.

The color of the bag and clothes should not be too different

 Clothing color has always been a problem in dressing, after all, not what color can be perfectly compatible together, some niche chic color needs to use the basic color as a transition, the shape does not look too abrupt alternative, and some bright color is very high-profile, with too much complexity is inevitably a sense of visual fatigue, especially the color jump range is too large more dazzling. Do not easily play color bombardment, you can choose the same color or a small area of color collision wear, if the overall is dull, take a bright color bag that can be a finishing touch.

The style of the bag and clothes should be echoed

  The color of the bag and clothing remain unified, the overall sense of modeling will be stronger, and in which if the large color block remains unified, it will be more minimalist. The so-called large color block unity refers to a single product choosing a solid color model, and the bag also chooses the corresponding color scheme, natural integration into the clothing modeling, the presence of the bag naturally does not look abrupt, like the minimalist style of girls can match this. If you take the casual style, carrying a domineering mature bag will seem out of place. For example, teenage girls can wear a smiley face bag, elegant wear can be matched with a cloud bag.


  This is the whole content of this article, I hope that after reading this article you can make better use of the bag with clothes so that you become more fashionable and elegant.