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How to choose the right bag for you

Feb 28,2023 | Vkoofashion

When it comes to bags, there are so many different styles, sizes, and materials to choose from. From backpacks to duffel bags to messenger bags and beyond, the options can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a bag to use for school, work, or travel, it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different factors to consider when selecting the right bag for you.

Choose according to height

  If a girl's height is around one meter seven, she should choose a bag with a vertical length of about 60cm, just the right size to put in a magazine; if a girl's height is below one meter six, she should choose a bag with a horizontal length of about 50cm, which can stretch the proportion of her body.

Choose according to the size

  The body is tall and thin girls, this figure of girls can say that many styles of bags are more versatile, handbag, shoulder bag, briefcase size can manage, but if you want to carry a very small kind of mini bag, try to choose a longer chain, adjust to the shoulder to the waist area. The body is more petite and plump for girls, try to choose the size of small bags, large shoulder bags or bucket bags, will make your body look shorter, and bloated Oh. Girls with fuller bodies can choose the curved design of the female bag, try not to choose the square shape, because the curved female bag will make you look more curvy beauty, also try not to choose the shape of the too small female bag, which will make you show fat.

According to the use of the occasion to choose

 Daily use of the bag: you can buy a slightly larger size because you can put more things out. Bags for formal occasions: you should buy a bag with better material and leather. For example, going on a date, attending a girlfriend's party, attending a birthday party, etc., the quality and workmanship are a bit classy is your wise choice.

The best color for your bag

 Black is the most versatile color. You can carry a black bag in any season and in any scenario, so you should have at least one black bag.

If you want more color options, then consider the easiest colors to match first - metallic, green, smoky, and teal. "Metallic" is the perfect color for all seasons, green is the most neutral and natural color, and "smoky" and "teal" are both timeless colors.

Black, navy, beige and red are all colors suitable for formal occasions, pink and orange will be very picky about clothes, and white is very demanding on the material and workmanship of the bag itself.

Choose according to style


Since each bag is designed from a different starting point, the style of the bag will also have obvious differences; in the face of the variety of styles, we can divide them into three completely different styles based on this obvious difference and then make a better choice.

Street style: chest bag, fanny pack and other similar styles help to create street style, usually like neutral dress girls, you can also choose this type of bag to strengthen the style; in addition, you can also choose a bag with studded elements; studded elements are more "just", can neutralize the feminine sense of softness, sports brand bags, most of them come with a sense of cool, very street model.

Elegant style: elegant this style, in fact, and intellectual, retro these two styles do not have very obvious boundaries, in other words, these three styles need the support of temperament; go this style of girls, in the choice of bags, try to choose a solid color, the design is not the too complex body, and then the pattern, more concerned about whether the bag looks textured; in addition, the clutch bag style to reduce the design of the shoulder strap, the Relatively speaking, more streamlined, can also add elegance to the shape, but also gas field plus points.

Lovely style: plush material bags will make people feel good, and not lose the girl's heart; a plush look and feel, can add a lovely atmosphere for girls, if you do not like to take up too much area, you can also choose the right side with a little plush decoration style; animal-shaped design of the bag also comes with a cute point, travel with such a bag on your back, is their little cute ~ but it should be noted that The design of this bag is on the "complex" side, so match the clothes as simple as possible.

How to choose the material for the bag

 The bag is an item that you use every day, so it's simple - the material must be "durable". "Pure leather" is still the most respected choice. Calfskin is strong and stiff, while lambskin is soft and delicate, and whichever leather is used, has a unique effect with time.

From the seasonal point of view, summer is full of rain, suitable for waterproof materials, such as waxed and pressed calfskin, special faux leather, waterproof canvas, etc.

How to improve the experience of your bag

 Avoid too many metal parts - Metal parts can make a bag look Bling Bling and attract attention, but metal parts are also more likely to oxidize and sometimes scratch your rings and bracelets.

Choose a light bag - you may be backpacking for more than 1-2 hours a day, and a light bag will always bring you a better mood, a good-looking shoulder bag with a strap can accidentally reach more than 1kg, which means that the bag itself is equivalent to two bottles of mineral water. We recommend that you choose a bag with a weight of 700-800g.


  The above is how to choose a bag to share I hope you read this article and can better choose to your satisfaction with the bag!